Surface treatment processes involve a variety of skills, particularly in terms of approaching a coating subject for which it is necessary to be able to form both design offices to define the most appropriate technical and economic solution, but also the operators to use good practices and to perfect themselves.

For this, CITRA has a large range of training since its beginning. Exclusively custom, our training has the double advantage of being able to have pedagogical and scientific documentation, with the support of ENSIL-ENSCI and the SPCTS laboratory.
The CITRA courses are eligible for the DIF thanks to our approval N ° 74.87.00760.87.

Customized training to your needs

These tailored courses are unique, we can train on very varied techniques, ranging from thermal spraying to vacuum deposits, via electrolytic processes and characterization tools, directly on industrial pilot, under the form of practical work applied to the client’s needs.

Some examples of training that we provide:

Understanding hard chrome

The aim is to discuss the different aspects of hard chromium with industrialists in context of relationships with the competitiveness clusters. These general and technical presentations ensure exchanges to adopt good practices.

Understanding the plasma projection

Thermal spray coatings have a clean structure but they are less well controlled and known by design offices. For that, CITRA can training for the optimization of their processes and develop their knowledge, to move towards new solutions.

Train electroplating operators

At the request of industrialists and with the logistic support of the AFPI, several days’ training was conducted to bring a range of knowledge to the operators and allow them to adapt to the different ranges of the company.

Choose coatings for the thermal

The impact of the choice of materials in warm atmospheres can be demonstrated both by theory, but also by practice to address the various phenomena of heat transfer. Customized training for a technical need.