CITRA is a structure with associative status, with a governing board and an office that advise and support development choices.

We offer you the possibility of joining our team in order to meet your expectations and needs.

Why join CITRA?

Joining personally or as a legal entity means:

  • Attend the general meeting and meet other members on this occasion;
  • Learn more about the R&D actions we are carrying out;
  • Represent your company and become proactive for technological and regulatory evolutions which concern your sector of activity;
  • Share your industrial or scientific point of view on surface treatments. In return, we will try to give you the technical means to concretize your experiments;
  • Being contacted first and foremost when CITRA receives requests that it cannot satisfy: it will send you new contacts and opportunities.

How to join CITRA?

If you are not a member yet and you would take part, we invite you to join our association now, by completing the membership ticket (to return by mail at 16 rue Atlantis 87068 Limoges, France).

Possibility of cross memberships

CITRA is a member of several competitiveness clusters and technical centers. This cross-membership process is a way to build strong professional relationships around our common themes. In the long term, this type of collaboration allows, for example, to build collaborative projects.